How to Maintain Vibrant Hair Color Between Salon Visits?

How to Maintain Vibrant Hair Color Between Salon Visits?

Getting that perfect shade at the salon is more than exciting, it’s a thrill. But, the excitement sometimes turns into a challenge after you walk out. Keeping your hair colour vibrant is not easy. Colouring your hair can change its texture a lot. So, you must look after it well, especially focusing on keeping it moisturised and using the right treatments.

Through my experiences, I’ve discovered that keeping your hair vibrant after dyeing it is all about the products you use and a strict routine. Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa is there to help. They offer advice to help you look after your colourful hair at home. With their help, you can ensure that your hair stays vibrant, luscious, and healthy in between your salon visits.

Key Takeaways

  • A proper haircare routine is crucial for maintaining vibrant hair colour between salon visits.
  • Experts at Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa recommend using targeted products for coloured hair maintenance.
  • Moisture and tailored treatments are essential to preserve both vibrancy and hair health.
  • Heat protection and conditioning treatments are vital to prevent colour fading and increase hair shine.
  • Avoiding frequent washing and using cooler water temperatures can help in maintaining hair colour longevity.

Choosing the Right Products for Coloured Hair

I pick my hair care products with care to keep my coloured hair bright and healthy. The right shampoo and conditioner can make your hair colour last longer. They also keep your hair in good condition.

Importance of Sulphate-Free Shampoos

Sulphate-free shampoos are key for healthy hair. They keep my scalp’s natural oils, like Musk Rose Oil and Goji Berry Extract from Color Lustre. This helps my hair stay moist and my colour look vibrant. Using these shampoos is a great tip for keeping hair colour fresh.

sulphate-free shampoos

Benefits of Colour-Safe Conditioners

It is important to use conditioners that are safe for coloured hair. These conditioners add shine and protect your colour for longer. A good choice is GK Hair Vault Color Lock Conditioner. It helps keep your hair bright and well-hydrated. Conditioners like this really help to maintain the look and health of your hair.

Adjusting Your Washing Routine

I changed how often I wash my hair to keep its colour from fading. The experts at Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa showed me some easy ways to help. Making these small adjustments has a big impact on keeping my hair colour bright.

Frequency of Washing

I now wash my hair less, which is key to keeping the colour longer. Washing it too often can make the colour fade quickly. So, I wash my hair only two to three times a week. This way, my hair stays moisturised and the colour stays vibrant. I also use dry shampoo in between washes to keep it fresh.

Using Cooler Water Temperatures

Showering with cooler water is another tip I follow. Hot water can strip the colour off faster, so I end with a cool rinse. It keeps my hair cuticle closed, locking in moisture and colour. Plus, I don’t use hot tools as much, which reduces damage to my hair.

Hydration: The Key to Longevity

Kept hydrated hair lasts longer and looks better. I always use moisturising treatments to stop my hair from getting dry and weak. This way, my hair stays shiny and full of life.

hair colour longevity

Never Skip the Conditioner

I always use conditioner after washing my hair. It puts back moisture that’s needed to keep my hair soft and healthy. Moisturised hair holds its colour better and shines more. I go for brands like Kerastase and Glam Styling for their special conditioners.

Incorporating Hair Masks and Treatments

Using hair masks and treatments weekly has been a game-changer. They are a deep condition for the hair. I go for products with keratin and argan oil as they keep my hair looking fresh for longer.
Hair masks strengthen the hair, making it better at fighting off damage.

Also, a good hydrating treatment like Thermo-Milk Blow Dry Primer protects against heat. It locks in moisture and prevents the hair from getting dull. This way, the colour stays vibrant for a longer time.

In short, a strong routine with conditioner, masks, and special treatments is essential. Following Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa‘s advice, keeping your hair hydrated keeps it looking its best. This makes it look like you just came from the salon, every day.

Protecting Coloured Hair from Heat and Environmental Damage

At Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa, we know the challenges of keeping hair vibrant and healthy. It’s key to follow tips for long-lasting hair colour. Start by understanding how the environment affects your hair. I suggest washing it two to three times a week. Over-washing removes natural oils and fades the colour fast.

tips for long-lasting hair colour

Need a quick fix for dull hair? Try dry shampoo. It freshens up your locks without using water. Also, use a heat defence serum before styling to stop heat damage. It protects against hot tools up to 450°F.

The sun can also damage your hair. Use products with UV protection, like ones with Goji Berry Extract. These items help to keep your hair’s colour bright and prevent damage.

Once a week, give your hair some extra love. Try a hair mask to keep the colour in. After, rinse with cold water to seal in the cuticle and make your hair shine. To wash your hair, choose an antioxidant-rich shampoo without silicones. Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo is a great pick.

I also recommend the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate and the Aussie SOS Heat Saviour Conditioning Spray. They keep your hair hydrated and protect against heat damage. For a finishing touch, apply Aussie Mega Smooth Hair Oil. It fights frizz and makes your coloured hair shine.

At Blackfriars, we share our expertise to help you keep your hair looking its best. Follow these tips for beautiful, long-lasting colour. You’ll protect your hair from heat and the environment’s harm.


Keeping your hair colour bright is a big job between salon visits. You must choose *top-notch hair colour products* wisely. These products should get deep into your hair to keep them vivid for longer. It’s key to pick *shampoos and conditioners* designed for your hair colour, like those from Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa. This will lock in moisture and stop the colour from fading early.

A simple change in how often you wash your hair can make a huge difference. Try to wash it less, maybe every other day, and with cooler water. This helps keep the colour around longer. Also, regular deep conditionings, let’s say once a week, add a boost of moisture. They keep your hair looking fresh and shiny. Try not to style your hair with heat tools too often. And when you do, always use a heat protectant to shield your colour from damage.

Don’t forget about the sun’s UV rays. They can make your hair colour fade faster. So, it’s smart to protect your hair using UV shields like hats or protective sprays. Getting a small hair trim every 6-8 weeks stops split ends from spreading. It also keeps your hair looking and feeling healthy. And plan to see your colourist for touch-ups regularly to keep your colour bright and consistent.

But it’s not just what you do on the outside that counts. Eating well, drinking enough water, and handling stress are also important. They help keep your hair strong and its colour vibrant. At Blackfriars Salon & Medi Spa, we offer special advice on caring for your hair to our clients. By following our tips, you can make your salon colour stay dazzling for longer.


What are some effective ways to maintain vibrant hair colour between salon visits?

Use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair colour vivid. Wash your hair less often to prevent the colour from fading. Rinse your hair in cool water when showering. Also, use moisturising treatments like hair masks. And remember to shield your hair from heat and the sun.

Why is it important to use sulphate-free shampoos for coloured hair?

Sulphate-free shampoos keep the scalp’s natural oils intact. This helps your hair stay moisturised and its colour bright. Look for shampoos like Color Lustre with Musk Rose Oil and Goji Berry Extract. They are great for your hair.

How often should I wash my coloured hair to prolong its vibrancy?

It’s best to wash coloured hair once or twice a week. Washing it less often reduces colour fade. You can also try co-washing with conditioner instead of shampoo.

What is the benefit of using colour-safe conditioners for coloured hair?

Colour-safe conditioners help nourish and protect coloured hair. They maintain shine and help the colour last longer. These conditioners provide an extra layer of moisture and protection.

How does showering with cooler water temperatures help in maintaining hair colour?

Hot water opens the hair cuticles, causing colour to fade quickly. Cool showers keep the cuticles closed, locking in the colour. This simple trick can maintain your hair colour’s vibrancy for longer.

Why is hydration important for the longevity of hair colour?

Hydration prevents coloured hair from becoming brittle and losing shine. Rich conditioners maintain the hair’s moisture barrier. This protection stops the colour from fading too soon.

How often should I incorporate hair masks and treatments into my routine?

Use hair masks and treatments once a week for the best results. Choose products like Color Lustre’s Hair Mask. They help keep your hair’s moisture barrier strong and its colour vibrant.

What measures can I take to protect my coloured hair from heat and environmental damage?

Use heat protectant sprays before styling. Pick products with UV protection, such as those with Goji Berry Extract. These steps protect your hair against heat and the sun, keeping your colour safe.