Our Team

Audrey Wilson

Owner/Skin Therapist

Audrey was born in London and raised in the well-known town of Lucan, Ontario with her two brothers. Her favorite vacation spot is Disney World. Audrey’s first job was painting rooms in her parents’ income properties. She enjoys working with her clients and seeing the relief from stress that her touch brings to them. Audrey has two children with her husband Ryan; son Hunter and daughter Charlie. On her days off, she likes to watch movies, with “The Notebook” being her favorite. Her favorite food is pasta with vegetables in a light creamy sauce. The one word that best describes Audrey’s personality is “relaxed.”

Ryan Smith


Ryan was born in London but grew up in Newcastle, where he spent all of his free time playing basketball. He attended both Laurentian University and UWO. Ryan enjoys Sci-Fi movies, the Stephen King book “It,” and his favorite foods are chicken wings and Caesar salad. He adores his two beautiful children, Hunter and Charlie, whom he shares with his wife Audrey. Ryan is inspired by people who “never give up, never quit.” The one word that would describe Ryan is “determined.”

Lindsay Taylor

PHD Professional Hair Designer

Lindsay grew up in Manchester and has great memories of growing up on the family farm, playing with her sisters in the barn chasing kittens. Her very first job was babysitting. Lindsay’s favorite vacation was an all-girls trip to Hollywood, California with her mom and her sisters. Her favorite book is “A Child Called It.” Lindsay’s favorite food is anything with shrimp in it! She knew that working in a salon is what she wanted to do because she enjoys making people look and feel good. Days off will find Lindsay in the gym or taking a long walk. The best way to describe Lindsay is “friendly.”

Chloe Harris

PHD Professional Hair Designer

Chloe has always had a passion for hairstyling, which led her to become a professional hair designer. She enjoys creating new looks for her clients and helping them feel confident and beautiful. Chloe loves spending her free time exploring new hiking trails and reading mystery novels. The one word that best describes Chloe is “creative.”

Emily Johnson

Skin Therapist

Emily has been dedicated to skincare for over a decade. She finds joy in helping clients achieve their best skin through personalized treatments. Emily’s favorite hobby is gardening, and she loves growing her own herbs and vegetables. She enjoys relaxing with a good book and a cup of herbal tea. The one word that describes Emily is “dedicated.”

Sophie Williams

PHD Professional Hair Designer

Sophie, originally from Brighton, discovered her love for hairstyling at a young age. She enjoys working with clients to transform their hair and boost their confidence. Sophie loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. Her favorite cuisine is Italian, and she enjoys cooking pasta dishes at home. The one word that describes Sophie is “passionate.”

Olivia Davis

PHD Professional Hair Designer

Olivia has been a professional hair designer for over 15 years. She loves creating unique and stylish haircuts for her clients. In her spare time, Olivia enjoys painting and visiting art galleries. Her favorite food is sushi, and she loves experimenting with different sushi recipes at home. The one word that describes Olivia is “innovative.”

Grace Evans

PHD Professional Hair Designer

Grace’s passion for hair design started in high school. She loves making her clients feel special with her creative hair designs. Grace enjoys spending her weekends at the beach and trying out new water sports. Her favorite book is “Pride and Prejudice.” The one word that describes Grace is “energetic.”

Mia Walker

Professional Hair Stylist

Mia has a natural talent for hairstyling and enjoys helping clients find their perfect look. She loves staying updated with the latest hair trends and techniques. In her free time, Mia enjoys yoga and meditation. Her favorite food is Thai curry. The one word that describes Mia is “talented.”

Lucy Carter

Receptionist (Detox Specialist)

Lucy is the friendly face that greets you at Blackfriars. She ensures everything runs smoothly and clients are well taken care of. Lucy is also a detox specialist, helping clients with their detox needs. She enjoys baking and often brings her homemade treats to work. The one word that describes Lucy is “welcoming.”

Sarah Brown

Professional Skin Therapist

Sarah has a deep passion for skincare and loves helping clients achieve radiant skin. She enjoys learning about the latest skincare technologies and products. Sarah loves spending her free time doing yoga and attending wellness retreats. The one word that describes Sarah is “nurturing.”

Emma White

Professional Skin Therapist

Emma is dedicated to providing exceptional skincare treatments. She loves seeing the transformation in her clients’ skin and confidence. Emma enjoys hiking and nature photography. Her favorite food is fresh salads with homemade dressings. The one word that describes Emma is “caring.”

Ella Green

Professional Skin Therapist

Ella’s expertise in skincare helps clients achieve their best skin health. She loves researching new skincare ingredients and their benefits. In her spare time, Ella enjoys painting and attending art classes. The one word that describes Ella is “innovative.”

Ava Lewis

Registered Massage Therapist

Ava has a passion for helping people relax and heal through massage therapy. She has a gentle touch and a calming presence. Ava enjoys practicing pilates and spending time with her family. Her favorite food is grilled salmon with a side of vegetables. The one word that describes Ava is “soothing.”

Isabella Martin

Professional Skin Therapist

Isabella is passionate about skincare and enjoys providing personalized treatments for her clients. She loves experimenting with homemade skincare recipes. In her free time, Isabella enjoys reading historical fiction novels. The one word that describes Isabella is “enthusiastic.”